We are getting a huge refreshment from Chevy in the form of a 2023 Chevy Colorado. The redesign is coming as ordered since most of its competitors are doing the same thing. Colorado will compete in the mid-size truck category along with flagships from RAM, Ford, Nissan, and others. Competition is fierce and they had to follow suit and redesign their truck in order to stay ahead or competitive at least. The number of changes will probably vary. But we suspect there will be bigger tweaks on the inside of the car.

Technology and style have changed a lot since last Colorado. So, it might be about time for Chevy to update and make it noteworthy. There was much that Chevy could have done to improve current Colorado so it will be interesting to see how much they have listened to their fans. Do they please the drivers and give them what they want? Or perhaps they went the other way and changed Colorado so it is very innovative but not a lot functional? Read along to find out more about the extent of changes coming in the new 2023 Chevy Colorado.

Chevy Colorado Interior Changes

On the inside, the brand new 2023 Chevy Colorado has got a fresh breath of air. There are many new things that are going to make a lot of people happy. This includes better seats, better technology and of course more colors. But since we are taking a step toward the future it would be nice to see a lot of digital assets in the cabin. After all, most manufacturers are vowing that they will put out all-electric vehicles by 2030.

We will see if they can hold up that promise. Seats are more comfortable than ever in the new 2023 Chevy Colorado. They put in new cushions and made them more ergonomic. This is the type of change we like to see in a car, it is not all about how it looks. It needs to be as comfortable as possible. This is especially true for pickups that will be used for work. They are even ventilated and heated. This will ensure that you feel at ease during your long working hours. Giving the choice of colors is a great idea.

That way people can customize their pickups to the smallest detail. The dashboard is almost completely digital. That is amazing since we are going towards the future and analog dashboards are so passe. There is a central touchscreen in the middle of the cabin. It is presumably around 10 inches. Any less than that and the back row would have to squint their eyes to see anything on it. Heads up display is coming as standard.

From the touchscreen, you can control music, videos, air conditioning, and everything else. There are rumors about a panoramic roof but we will have to wait and see. There is enough space for five people to sit comfortably and there will also be several cab sizes. Extended Cab, Crew Cab with long and short box. Trims available are Work Truck, LT, Z71 Package, RST, Premier, and ZR2. The choice is up to you to choose which fits your needs best.

2023 Chevy Colorado interior

What About Exterior Design?

On the outside, the 2023 Chevy Colorado received some serious refreshments. The designers made it more contemporary, more aggressive, and more ergonomic and aerodynamic. All of this put together equates to one amazing, madness-inspiring truck. There are fewer blocky parts on the pickup, everything is in curves and angles now.

The ride height is increased just barely, this ensures there are no obstacles stuck underneath if you go off-roading. The wheels are huge, aluminum alloy rims save some weight. This can help improve power to weight ratio and give Colorado much better performance and towing specifications. On the front, we have a huge aluminum grill. This makes sure that there are no overheating issues under the hood. If you are going to push the pickup to the limit it is better to have a larger grille. The headlights are modernized and they are more linear than squares or circles.

Of course, the latest LED technology was used to give the best possible visibility. The cargo bed is standard size, it can be prolonged by lowering the tailgate. Speaking of tailgates, it has several options, whether you are on a picnic, hauling, or need steps, Chevy got you covered. We would have liked to see a LED bar on top of the car for better off-road visibility during night, but it is what it is.

2023 Chevy Colorado redesign

Under the Hood

There are few choices available in the engine department. First up we have a 2.5 liter I-4 LCV engine that runs on gasoline. It is a six-speed automatic transmission. It puts out a mere 200 horsepower along with 191 pound-feet of torque. Not a lot but more than enough for a ride in the city. After that, we have a more powerful 3.6-liter V6 that has an automatic transmission with eight speeds. It dishes out 310 horsepower with 275 pound-feet of torque. And we have a 2.8 liter I-4 diesel with six-speed automatic transmission.

It can produce around 181 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. It is still not official but we heard through the grapevine that Chevy is working on the hybrid and all-electric truck. This would be a great idea since we know that performance on EV is great. Just take a look at the F-150 Lightning. We are sure if there was a 2023 Chevy Colorado that runs on batteries it would be a top seller.

2023 Chevy Colorado diesel

2023 Chevy Colorado Price and Release Date

We are expecting to see the new 2023 Chevy Colorado on the road sometime in late 2022. This would be just in time since most manufacturers put out their trucks at that time of year. Starting price would be around $27000 and can spike up quickly depending on additional amenities you want in your truck

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