Since its formation in the late 1960s, the Dodge Deora has led two very different lives. At first, it was a concept car that astonished many on the automotive exhibition circuit. The second usage made him even more legendary: In 1968, it became one of Mattel’s first Hot Wheels models.

Initially, it didn’t come from Chrysler, but slightly a private project built by custom store Alexander Bros. and was later rented to Chrysler before entering the show circuit.

Though technically a Dodge, Deora combined many Ford parts —which Chrysler didn’t seem concerned about.

1960 Dodge Deora truck

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Like the designer said a few years ago, those parts contain a 1960 Ford rear tub, a 1960 Ford sedan’s rear window. Also, a 1964 Mustang bezel rear light to house exhaust side vents and thunderbird sequential turn signals.

Chrysler leased the car for two years before selling it to fans and kept it after the owner’s death. Truck reclamation began in 1998. It stole the show of the 2002 Detroit Autorama—the show’s 50th anniversary—in the middle of a special exhibition of the Alexander Bros. concept.

Latest Deora Concept

The year 2022 represents the 55th anniversary of Deora’s original entrance, so Zenvo Automotive designer and engineer Frederik Steve Kristensen found this relic that has caught our attention. It includes many unforgettable original features, such as a door at the front of the automobile that opens up to the sky to enter the futuristic cabin.

Kristensen’s idea is theoretically independent, so all the highest controls are planned to be folded flat to the floor. The driver and passenger also take a seat in retro-futuristic platter seats, and the interior itself is lined with wood.

On the back, Deora has enough space for numerous surfboards, as in the Hot Wheels model. There are predictable forward cab elements on the front, but also LED strip headlights and deep dents in the sharp part of the fender, adding current veneers to the classic shape.

The Dodge A100 that helps as the basis for the concept already shows a sturdy character, but the theatrical transformation it receives is extraordinary.

The original Deora, which was built by Mike and Larry Alexander of Detroit, won the Ridler Award at Autorama 1967.

In 2000, the toymaker invented Deora II. Combination of the original and the new style, the new appearance turned into three years later: Chip Foose, using a Cadillac Northstar V8 ensured the right motivation was given.

Later, 2019 sees the toy company presents Deora III, with designs coming from Mark Jones’ corporation.

2022 Dodge Deora Concept truck

2022 Dodge Deora Concept

One thing that always shoots the automotive industry forward is a ground-breaking design. Time and again, engineers and designers are vivid for some of our preferred vehicles, trying to solve difficulties while pushing the brand further.

Recently, the best example is the outburst of crossover segments. Crossovers are in excessive request because of their flexibility, due to their capability to adjust to different market areas, and customer demand, of course.

Deora is founded on a compact Dodge A-100 pickup. It combines a pickup truck with a car. The consequence is a new type of car, which is essentially a pre-crossover utility vehicle.

Yet, it’s still a Dodge, which means severe heat is under the hood. Generally, Deora is just fascinating. Automotive designer Frederik Steve Kristensen had an idea to plan Deora for today.

2022 Dodge Deora Concept truck rear view

What does a Dodge Deora look 2022 like?

He has a strong idea in his mind. He wants to keep Deora’s original character but combines it with the future.

It’s a sight of a thrilling pickup car concept. But as already said, this is exciting. Nevertheless, if we could have anything to say, we’d like to see a design with a bit more Charger embodied at the front end. And we would like it to have the venerable V6, maybe the V8.

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