Ford has been making the Maverick for a bit over a year, and already they are talking about a 2024 Ford Maverick Electric. The pickup might be labeled as small, but it is making big splashes in the truck industry. As we all know, Big Blue Oval announced a while back that they plan to make all of their fleet electric. This is mostly done in order to decrease carbon footprint and save the environment. Technology is advancing at a fast pace and now fully electric vehicles are a reality and not something from a sci-fi movie.

They have already done it with their F-150 Lightning which is a fully electric truck with great performance and range. Electric motors have improved vastly and the battery technology is much better. This is going to change for the better in the future as well. It means we can expect more powerful electric vehicles with a better range on a single charge. But the main draw to electrifying vehicles is the decrease in fuel consumption and harming the environment. In 2024, Ford announced an all-electric Maverick. Let us take a look at what it would look like.

Ford Maverick Electric Interior Design

On the inside, we don’t expect the truck to change too much. After all, this is merely electrification of the powertrain. However, we can expect smaller improvements and tweaks. Also updating the technology is always appreciated, especially if it arrives in standard trim and not some expensive premium labeled package. Seating hopefully isn’t made to match the racing seats in those rally cars.

Although they look modern they are not too comfortable especially if you sit in them for a long time. Using better cushioning will do the trick and also lumbar support is something that needs more attention. No one likes getting out of their truck with a stiff back. Some style wouldn’t hurt, so adding color choices for upholstery and contrast stitching would be great.

Having multiple choices for materials used is also upper class. So leather, fabric, and suede will be enough for that option. The instrument panel is a bit bland and empty. Having some chrome along that one would look amazing. Also, wooden accents are highly sought after in vehicles. Upgrading the pickup’s infotainment unit is also needed.

Although the truck is small, 8 inches touch screen simply isn’t enough in today’s time. So at least 10 inches so everyone can join in on the fun. When we say everyone, we mean the back row of passengers. The refreshed 2024 Ford Maverick Electric will be able to seat five people without any trouble, with plenty of legroom and headroom. Ambient lighting should be added as well as the panoramic roof.

This would make for some amazing night drives while enjoying the night sky. The Surrounding system is not brand-made, perhaps in the future that will change. Connectivity is standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Buttons are present on the steering wheel and we don’t see that changing. This allows for more concentration on the driver’s part so they don’t have to look away from the road to change a setting.

BlueCruise might be available on the announced Maverick. This is hands-free driving software that will keep you inside your lanes and avoid incoming collisions and alert drivers of any danger. This however is not an autopilot, you have to pay attention to the road as well, and it can be used only on pre-mapped interstate roads.

2024 Ford Maverick Electric interior

How it Looks?

We don’t see too many changes on the outside of the 2024 Ford Maverick Electric happening as well. The truck has been in production for less than 2 years so there shouldn’t be any need for overall design changes. Body shape should remain the same, it is already ergonomic and aerodynamic enough for a pickup. This means better fuel economy and less wind drag. Ride height should remain unchanged as well unless Ford introduces an off-roading package. This could benefit from Maverick being a bit on the taller side.

Headlights might get a redesign, after all, they are not a big part of the truck so making them look more modern is actually realistic. However, they are already the latest LED technology and ensure good visibility. We would like to see Ford introduce some special exterior colors and different wheel rims colors. This would enable further customization and personalization of the pickup. Making the hood a bit sportier and giving it some shapes is also a must. An electric version of the Maverick should feel special, so hopefully, Ford makes it very special.

2024 Ford Maverick Electric range

Driving Range, Batteries

Now to the fun part of the review. Under the hood, we expect a complete overhaul. Most trucks when going fully electric get an extra storage space where the engine was. That might happen with the 2024 Ford Maverick Electric as well. Battery packs are heavy and they are usually under the cabin floor. That way we get a more stable truck and better control overall. Ultium battery technology is one of the most popular ones. So we can expect something in that range to be put in the Maverick. Also since it is smaller, the pickup doesn’t need a 200kWh battery.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t receive it. With the same batteries, F-150 Lightning uses, Maverick would get more range. This is simply due to the fact it is lighter and requires less power to move. So that 300 range mark should be easily surpassable. A quick charge option will most definitely be available. Horsepower and torque are unknown but more information will surface as soon as Ford gives more information about the technology they plan to utilize in the 2024 Ford Maverick Electric.

2024 Ford Maverick Electric specs

2024 Ford Maverick Electric Price and Release Date

Current Maverick is selling for $19995, so we don’t expect the 2024 Ford Maverick Electric to be much pricier than this. Hopefully, it is a sub $30000 truck. No official date is available, but we are hoping for a late 2023 release.

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