Another redesign is on the brink, this time around it is the 2024 Ford Ranger. The well-known truck is one of the fan favorites. It has a good reputation with good reason. The pickup checks all the boxes and does more than many others on the market. Ford Ranger has been topping the sales charts for quite a while and Big Blue Oval is looking to continue that trend. Competition is fierce in the mid-size truck category. Ram and GMC are looking to take home the crown. But Ford has a name and the pedigree to boast. We have recently received a redesign for the Ford Ranger.

So anything drastic is out of the question. We can expect to see minor improvements on the inside and outside. Stylistic tweaks and perhaps updating the technology would be beneficial. On the outside, we can also see some minor changes including bumpers and the front fascia. But we are very interested in what is to happen under the hood. With more and more manufacturers racing to electrify their vehicles, we might see Ford give the Ranger a battery pack. Whatever might be the case, let us look in more detail at what changes are coming.

Ford Ranger Interior Upgrades

On the inside, we won’t see any drastic changes. Seating is going to be improved that is for sure. No one likes a stiff back after a long drive. And since these are workhorse trucks, you might find yourself strapped in one for a prolonged period of time. Giving it better cushioning is a sure way to increase comfort and buyer’s appeal. There will be five seats as before. So we know that the new 2024 Ford Ranger is going to be sold as a crew cab for sure.

There might be more cab offers but they will all be full four doors. We can see that more and more manufacturers are putting premium and luxury interiors in their working trucks. This is a trend we hope to see continue as it is great to drive in a good-looking pickup and feel like it’s a first-class drive. Ford is going for a more luxurious feel with the overall changes. So the instrument panel will look sleeker, lined with leather in two colors on it. Four very visible air vents are still present. A central infotainment system will be set up as a vertical touchscreen.

It will be a 12.1-inch screen and you can control everything from it. New upholstery will be available with alternative materials. Giving the option of leather suede and fabric is great since not everyone is a fan of leather for example.  There will be some buttons on the steering wheel and fewer on the instrument panel. This improves the safety aspect. The dashboard is fully digital which is a great step towards the future and a sure way to attract more drivers. This screen can be customized to track anything you wish and it makes the life of drivers that much easier.

2024 Ford Ranger interior

Visual Upgrades

Things are changing on the outside as well. We can expect a wider chassis. Not much, but some 50mm longer and wider track. This should improve handling even more and give the truck better steering. The new 2024 Ford Ranger rides on 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels. These shave off weight from a big truck and give it a better power-to-weight ratio. This improves performance and fuel economy greatly. The cargo bed is unchanged and will be able to haul a lot of cargo. Five and a half feet in length is more than you need usually. The front fascia is modernized a bit. We have a new headlight design, now in a shape of a letter C.

They surround the front mesh and give a unified look with the bumpers as well. They are colored differently but still are not prominent and they blend in very nicely. Of course, there is a Big Blue Oval sign on the front of the mesh that cools the engine with good efficiency. There is a storage ramp on top of the truck, which is great for traveling. But it means that there will probably be no panoramic roof. We still get climbing steps on both sides of the pickup since it has a tall ride height.

2024 Ford Ranger specs

Engine Specs

Under the hood is where a lot of changes might happen. The word on the street is that Ford will continue offering a powerful V6 with the new 2024 Ford Ranger. But now, there is an official report that the manufacturer will use a similar hybrid system as in the new Bronco. This means a 2.3-liter engine with a couple of electric motors. This gives 270 horsepower with 310 pound-feet of torque. With different trims, this hybrid system might change. But we are still wondering why a fully electric Ranger isn’t official yet. The F-150 Lightning was a huge success, on the market and on the road. Ford has the ability to make a battery run truck.

So it would make perfect sense to strap a big battery pack under the cabin of the new Ranger. This also gives better handling and steering which is great. Hopefully, they put at least 200 kWh. This should give a range of better than 300 miles, which is among the best when it comes to electric trucks. Also, this would save the environment. We know that electric pickups are capable of heavy lifting and can get the job done. So why not?

2024 Ford Ranger release date

2024 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

Expect to see the new 2024 Ford Ranger later in 2023. Hopefully, the date doesn’t get pushed back. Starting price should be around $25000 for the basic trim. There is XLT trim which should cost around $29000 and the famous Lariat trim for around $33000. These prices are estimated at this point and we are still waiting for an official confirmation.


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