Way back, in 2013, Ford unveiled a brilliant idea with the Ford Atlas Concept Truck. That proved to be no more than a pipe dream. But Ford fans did get rattled recently at the news that this Concept Truck might hit the road after all. And that could happen in the very near future. Of course, when it was first pitched as an idea, technology and style were different. So we don’t expect it to be the same as the prototype idea that appeared at a Detroit car show 9 years ago. It was first supposed to be a part of the F-150 lineup, but that never happened.

The reason for that is still unknown, but it left fans disappointed. Ford is trying to redeem themselves and perhaps make the Ford Atlas Concept Truck as part of a throwback lineup. Ford of course needed to go back to the drawing board and update the concept of the truck a bit. After all, all the things that were supposed to be in the Atlas at first are outdated and obsolete. So let us take a deep dive into what the Ford Atlas Concept Truck might look like when it finally hits the road.

Ford Atlas Interior

Although the Ford Atlas Concept Truck looked like a space shuttle in 2013, times have changed. So has the technology and pretty much anything related to cars has been improved. In order to stay competitive and put up a fight in the competition for the best full-size truck, Atlas will have to change a lot of its original idea. Starting from the upholstery, leather wasn’t standard, and pretty much every car was lined with fabric that was usually cheap. In today’s time, it would be beneficial to offer leather and cloth as standard even for the basic trims.

This would certainly give them an advantage over the competition. Since it is 2022 we could expect a lot of new technology and new gadgets on the inside. Expect a central infotainment system as in most Ford trucks. Based on the size of the truck itself we guess the touch screen would be 10 inches at least. This would allow even the back row of passengers to enjoy entertainment without any problems. Everything looks classy and updated on the interior so we would expect the surround system to be as well. Perhaps it could be made by a famous brand, no official statement on that, and we are hoping for at least 10 speaker setups.

Connectivity won’t be an issue, Ford always delivers on this one. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard and they come with a wifi hotspot and Bluetooth connectivity. Some driver aid software is a must in today’s world. So expect Ford to put the top-of-the-line driver’s aid in the Ford Atlas Concept Truck. This would definitely help with saving lives and keeping drivers out of danger. One extra addition it would be nice to see is an all-digital dashboard.

Ford Atlas Concept Truck interior

Unique Exterior Design

Ford Atlas Concept Truck was an idea from 2013 and its look was made for that age. We hope that will change now, it is 2022 and there are a lot of places to be updated on the exterior. We are hoping for a less blocky look and fewer straight lines on the truck itself. Giving more angles to the Atlas and making it modern and sleek should be a prerogative. Headlights need an update too. First of all, they have to be LED to ensure the best visibility during night drives and improve safety.

This will also decrease energy consumption. Also, they could have a different look. Perhaps a square or some other shape that isn’t a classic circle. Putting an LED bar on top of the car would be a nice addition and improvement. Making the front grille bigger is also needed, this will make the truck look aggressive and that is exactly what you want in a truck this big.

Everything that can be made from lightweight material should be. This includes the grille and wheel rims in particular. Using aluminum on them should shave off unnecessary weight and improve the power to weight ratio. This would make the truck go faster and pull more weight, again something you want in a big truck.

Ford Atlas Concept Truck price

Engine Options and Specs

Since it was first conceived as an idea in 2013, Ford Atlas Concept Truck was supposed to be part of the F-150 line. This meant using most of the stuff that is already existing. So this means that the engine will probably come from the F-150 and this is a great thing since there are a lot of options here and they are all good. It will be available with a V6 or V8 however there won’t be a 5.0-liter version on the Atlas.

The basic trim would be a 3.3 liter V6 that can produce 290 horsepower and 260-pound feet of torque. There is also a turbo V6 with 2.7 liters. This goes up to 325 horsepower and 400-pound feet of torque. Most likely we could see a diesel version as well but no official statement. But what fans are most excited about is the possibility of an all-electric truck or perhaps a hybrid version. This would be an improvement for Ford who is trying to go green for a while and has plans to implement the all-electric fleet sometime in the future.

Ford Atlas Concept Truck exterior

Ford Atlas Concept Truck Release Date and Price

The release of the Ford Atlas Concept Truck is expected sometimes during late 2022 or early 2023. This is good news considering how long fans have waited since rumors were spun almost a decade ago. As far as the price goes, we can expect it to be around the $50 000 mark. This would put it in the same price category as the Raptor.


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