The idea of the Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept is almost 15 years old. But Ford fans might be getting some good news. It seems we will be seeing this idea come to life after all this time. The main problem with this idea is the same reason it was so innovative. The tri-fuel concept is the process of injecting three different types of fuel into the car. This was in turn supposed to improve efficiency, fuel economy, performance of the car and save the planet along the way. It might be that Ford’s designers have actually got it all together and figured it out.

New technologies are coming out all the time, especially in the car industry. So, it makes perfect sense for the American manufacturer to try and unpack the idea again and have another stab at it. The brand-new Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept is supposed to decrease the ever-growing fossil fuel consumption and use alternative fuel sources. This will be a good thing for the economy and environment. Let us dive deep into what the truck would look like and how it would run.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Interior Details

Although the idea of Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept is 15 years old, the truck didn’t look old at the time. It was super futuristic at the time and is still ahead of its time with the idea of tri-fuel and with the interior. The inside of the truck would have to look super upscale. This means a roomy comfortable cabin that can seat at least five people. With plenty of legroom and headroom. There will probably be several cab versions available, but we don’t expect there to be a two-door version. What would make this car look very luxurious is some leather and wood accents. Fine leather stitching and perhaps wooden details on the wheel or the dashboard.

Nothing says luxury as using the material that is expensive, the wood of course. We can expect a central infotainment system. At least a 10-inch touchscreen should be put in the cabin, this way people on the backbench can enjoy the fun too. Air conditioning is a must, of course, being controlled from the said infotainment system. A great addition would be heated and ventilated seats. This can add comfort during hot summers and freezing winters. It is a truck but there is no rule that says trucks can’t be comfortable. One other gadget that people would like to see is the panoramic view roof. This would add to the classiness of the vehicle, and allow you to enjoy the night sky. It has been 15 years since the idea was pitched at a car show. So, Ford will have to change things up a lot to still keep the Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept futuristic and ahead of the competition.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept interior

Exterior Design

When first mentioned at the car show back in 2006, the Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept was supposed to be a part of the F-250 line. It only makes sense that the whole truck would be based on the platform and the basic idea of a big F-250 truck. Although the first idea was futuristic, the manufacturer should sit at the drawing table and get their thinking caps on. Because a lot has changed in 15 years, not to mention the style and technology of current vehicles. When we first take a look at the Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept we can see that it is quite blocky and square looking. This is a style of trucks long gone and nowadays vehicles have more angles and tend to be more aggressive. So, what can Ford do to make the truck up to date? First of all, the obvious problem with the truck’s body, make it with more angles. Also putting a big front grille would be a great idea. Bigger the better.

First of all, it adds to the madness of the truck and makes it look mean and that it means business. Also, it would improve air circulation under the hood. This would allow drivers to push the truck to its limits without worrying about overheating problems. Putting chrome or aluminum on the vehicle would shave off weight and show that this truck is all about the future. Using these lightweight materials helps shave off weight, save the environment and also improve weight to power ratio. This makes the car have better performance and spend less fuel, which is amazing in our books. Putting huge wheels and a LED bar on the top is also a good step towards making the truck modern.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept exterior

Tri-Fuel Engine Combines All Sorts of Fuel

This is the most talked-about category when we speak about Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept. The brilliant idea of a tri-fuel engine is still unachievable. Or is it? The first concept was able to run on gasoline, ethanol, and hydrogen. This trend didn’t get traction in the industry. So nowadays we might see a different combination of fuel types. It could possibly use hydrogen cells, batteries, or be an all-electric vehicle.

Technology has advanced a lot so this gives Ford a lot of wiggle room and a lot of options to make their concept a reality. With everyone complaining about ever-increasing fuel costs, this engine should come as a gift. The engine is said to have better fuel economy and less pollution. So we are eager for when Ford unveils their design.

Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept specs

Ford F-250 Super Chief Hybrid Pickup Truck Concept Release Date and Price

This concept is a great idea and very innovative. This would help the environment and the pollution problem. So it would be welcomed with hands widespread. The price of the truck would be around $60 000, this is based on the presumable technology it would use. The date we might see it on the road is not far away potentially. A late quarter of 2022 or early 2023 due to pandemic problems.

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