As sales of pickup trucks continue to raise, particularly those of trucks with luxurious arrangements and trim levels, it is natural to wonder if now is the time for a new Lincoln pickup. On the surface, the idea of a luxurious truck makes perfect sense, such as a revived Lincoln Blackwood or Mark LT, having in mind the high levels of interest and acceptance of the increasingly-expensive Ford F-150 King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trim levels.

The newest information is that Lincoln’s famous pickup truck could make a comeback next year. Though, it is controversial whether there is space for a luxury pickup, which the Mark LT categorically is. This pickup hasn’t been in the market for more than a decade. However, it will make a reappearance in less than a year.

2023 Lincoln Mark LT concept

Lincoln Mark LT is a Mix of F-150 Pickup and Navigator SUV

Every popular manufacturer in the automobile industry is now concentrating its efforts on crossovers and SUVs. Moreover, electrification is required, which means Mark LT should arrive in dealerships equipped with a hybrid system. Lincoln has yet to confirm the renewal of this famous pickup vehicle.

The reason for questioning that is that Lincoln SUV sales are very promising, considering that they are gaining 1.5 percent in retail market share to more than 7 percent of the premium SUV segment. The Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Continental, automaker’s two remaining sedans are withdrawn at the end of the 2020 model year. With this move Lincoln luxury brand now consisting of four utilities – three crossovers (Corsair, Nautilus, Aviator) and one SUV (Navigator / Navigator L) model.

Lincoln Blackwood Specs, and Features

The Blackwood was essentially a Ford F-150 SuperCrew pickup with different body sections, a changed grille, and a front end that was styled to look like the era’s Lincoln Navigator. The Blackwood also contained a few exclusive interior arrangements. Including a navigation system, plus two very unique features: a split “barn door” style tailgate, and a hard bed cover. Both were standard. Power was consequential from the Ford modular 5.4L V8 engine esteemed at 300 horsepower, whereas a four-speed automatic transmission swapped cogs.

2023 Lincoln Blackwood concept

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Despite Blackwood’s absence of commercial success, FoMoCo tried its luck one more time in making a Lincoln pickup, introducing the Mark LT in 2006. Much like the Blackwood, the Mark LT was also basically just a rebadged Ford F-150 with a unique grille, tail lights, wheels, and a few deluxe interior arrangements. Lincoln sold 10,274 pieces of the Mark LT in its first year of production. However, sales rapidly diminished and the model was discontinued after the 2008 model year.

Apart from their lack of profitmaking success, it’s clear now that the Lincoln Blackwood and Mark LT were simply ahead of their time. During the time both models were on sale, the idea of a luxury pickup truck hadn’t pickup up steam. Now luxury trucks are more popular than ever. Truthfully, many buyers are replacing luxury sedans with premium pickups. On account of this, the upper trim levels of the Ford F-150 – such as the Platinum and Limited – are very luxurious in their own right, thus seemingly negating the need for a new Lincoln pickup.

2023 Lincoln Mark LT concept 2

Interior Full of Premium Materials

The interior of the 2023 Lincoln Mark LT / Blackwood will be comfortable because this is a premium pickup truck. Again, it will bear a resemblance to the interior of the Navigator SUV. The Mark LT pickup will undoubtedly be available in a variety of cab blends. As a result of this two rows of seats are certain.

The truck’s interior will resemble the brand’s crossovers and SUVs. This comes with identical screens, identical dashboard designs, and identical upholstery. Then again, the cabin will surely be more functional, with new interior color schemes.

2023 Lincoln Mark LT - Blackwood interior concept

2023 Lincoln Mark LT Release Date, Price

The forthcoming 2023 Lincoln Mark LT is expected to arrive at showrooms in late 2022. The price has not been established yet.

Nevertheless, the Mark LT / Blackwood will compete with other US pickup trucks. Thus, the Lincoln pickup will almost positively cost more than $50,000.

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