There is another redesign coming up, we are thrilled to announce the new 2023 Nissan Navara. Not so much a redesign as an all-new truck. But nevertheless, Navara is sure to turn some heads as soon as it hits the road. And that is going to be very soon per reports. Already famed for being one of the best-selling trucks in the world. It is reliable, sturdy, and popular. It is so reliable that the well-known Mercedes is using Nissan’s architecture to build their truck. Although the X-Class wasn’t such a huge hit on the market. But that has nothing to do with Nissan luckily.

There will be changes all around the Navara. We are looking at a brand-new interior. Better technology, more comfort, and much more stylish than before. The exterior needs to be more aggressive and to be contemporary. No one likes a blocky-looking truck anymore. We are looking for sleek and aerodynamic pickups nowadays. Under the hood, we can also expect some changes, although the current powertrain is very reliable. Perhaps Nissan is going to introduce a battery pack in the new Navara. Let us read more about the upcoming changes to the 2023 Nissan Navara.

Nissan Navara Interior

As we already mentioned, a lot of changes are coming with the new 2023 Nissan Navara. This pickup is about to receive a huge refreshment in the interior department. This means a whole new style for the new pickup. After all, it has been quite a while since the last refreshment. The cabin is in order for a bit of touch-up. Starting with comfort. There is a lot of legroom and headroom for five passengers. But the seating could be improved. Better cushioning and improved lumbar support is priority number one with comfort. No one likes getting a stiff back after a long ride.

Especially if you use the Navara as a working horse and spend 8 hours a day in it. This doesn’t mean that a working horse doesn’t look good. The new Navara will be stylish. There is mention of alternative materials like leather, wood, and chrome inside the cabin. Designers are probably going to sprinkle doors and instrument panels with wood and chrome. This increases luxury by far. A touchscreen is going to be used for an infotainment unit. It is supposed to be 13 inches in size. This way it is big enough for the whole cabin to join in on the fun.

It has standard connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also, the dashboard is digital. This is a nice feature as it can be customized. Changing options to track all the important information is a great improvement when it comes to safety. Everything is right there in front of you. We will also be getting other standard safety features. Such as parking sensors, pedestrian detection, lane change alert, and automatic braking. These are a true lifesaver.

2023 Nissan Navara interior

More Aggressive Exterior Design

On the outside, Navara never looked more aggressive. Designers really did a number on the 2023 Nissan Navara. They made it look angrier and it seems to us that it is off-road capable. Bumpers are prominent and protrude a bit. Although they have a good approaching angle so you don’t get stranded on obstacles. The front mesh isn’t the biggest on the market, but it doesn’t need to.

It lets enough air under the hood to cool everything down. That way you can push the truck to its limits and not worry about a thing. The headlight design is unchanged and they are still rectangular. Using the latest LED technology of course. The cargo bed is standard size, 5.5 feet in length. Ride height is increased so you can run over obstacles without issues.

2024 Nissan Navara price

What About Performance?

There are a lot of rumors circulating. But the question still remains. Will we get an electric 2023 Nissan Navara? Many believe so, even though the manufacturer didn’t give an official statement about this. In any case, we can still fall back on an old reliable engine that Navara used before. It is the 2.3-liter dCi turbo diesel. This model offers 160 horsepower and turbocharged it gives 190 horsepower. Some regions of the world might be able to get their hands on a 2.5-liter four-cylinder powertrain for Navara.

This engine produces 150 horsepower. There is a choice of 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic. This is a breath of fresh air. Most pickups nowadays choose to have automatic only and that is usually 8-speed or 10-speed automatic. Although the engine might seem small and weak, it is more than enough to move Navara around. It won’t succumb even to the harshest of terrains. We can expect the all-wheel Navara to get around 38.2 mpg combined. This is among the best in class. So look for this truck if you prefer to not spend a fortune on fuel.

Electrification is about to happen, hopefully. A hybrid version is not a big problem for Nissan. The Japanese manufacturer has been known for electrifying its vehicles. A simple truck shouldn’t pose an issue. But we are looking for an all-electric Navara to happen. Hopefully with a battery pack of no less than 200 kWh. This should put the pickup far above the 300 miles range on a single charge. Fast charging is a given at this point. This feature allows for 100 miles on a 10-minute charge. Hopefully, soon Nissan will announce more information about the upcoming powertrains for the Navara.

2024 Nissan Navara pro 4x

2023 Nissan Navara Price and Release Date

Expect the new 2023 Nissan Navara to hit the road later in 2022, or early 2023 if we are extremely unlucky. Starting price for the basic trim will be around $29000. Of course, for the Black edition and Pro 4X, it is going to jump much more. We are estimating a price of close to $60000 for the Pro4X.

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