2022 Dodge RAM Dakota is ready for production!

The (Dodge) RAM Dakota became a well-known truck, even though it is not in the market for more than ten years. Nonetheless, some topics were found where fans are asking if the nameplate is going to return.

All we know is that the company recently launched a mid-size Jeep Gladiator, so there is a doubt if the FCA needs more models in the same segment. But, it is not impossible to happen. As you know, there are GM twins in truck class, and FCA is doing the same in the mid-size SUV tier with Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Therefore, it is probable to see the 2022 Dodge RAM Dakota along with Gladiator, and even as the full-size sibling to Ram 1500.

2022 RAM Dakota concept

2022 Dodge RAM Dakota Specs

There are a few possibilities for the engine room. The pattern could be seen by looking at other mid-size models. Most pickup truck producers are using a four-cylinder unit as the base solution. Such pickups are not strong, but their price is much more reasonable. The RAM would use a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, alleged Tigershark. With 200 hp and a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, it will be accomplished enough for the entry-level offer.

Second option is turbocharged 3.0 L EcoDiesel V6 unit with 260 hp. This engine RAM already has in 1500 model, and with this unit this pickup truck has 12,560-pound towing capacity.

2022 Dodge Dakota render

Dakota Hybrid – Yes it is possibile!

The core component is going to be a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 paired with a 48V electric motor. The 2022 RAM Dakota Hybrid can compete with class-leading trucks with 305 hp and a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds. The same engine is being used by Jeep Gladiator. Distinct from the seven-slot grille model, engineers won’t carry over a huge turbodiesel unit. This is one of the topics that is being criticized the most by the critics, regarding Jeep Gladiator. The pickup has the same oil burner as full-size models.

Ram is not just keeping up with opponents in the US, Ford, and General Motors. The carmaker even beats them in some modernizations. It is a new truck with an enormous output– 707 horsepower. FCA got a diesel engine to the half-tone segment at the same moment as F-150 and Silverado 1500.

Here and now, big things are expected from the 2022 Dodge RAM Dakota, which should build up the name and make it a challenger right from the start. If the hybrid engine ever happens, that would put the company one step forward from the competitors, which are still trying to figure out how to respond to the TRX model.

2022 RAM Dakota concept rear view

2022 Dodge RAM Dakota Styling

The 2022 RAM Dakota is going to have to change its looks. Though, the old-fashioned design must bring back memories. A new language should renovate the style and increase efficiency. It has a chance to become an old-style model with a standard appearance. It looks like the pickup is going to be a smaller version of the Ram 1500, which accomplishes record sales.

The mid-size pickup will have a two- and four-door cabin and seating space for two or five persons. The flexibility is the main card since this held off the threat from the SUV attack. Instead, the manufacturer must put priority on advanced technologies to make the towing easier.

mule upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer

2022 RAM Dakota Release Date

With all pros and cons mentioned, it cannot be estimated when the 2022 Dodge RAM Dakota will be available. There are still a lot of issues that have to be dealt with to decide the future of the truck. The new Dakota might go out next season, at least as the concept. Nonetheless, production will probably start in 2022, because the star of the forthcoming season will be Rebel TRX and FCA wants it under the spotlight.

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