Ram is all about improvement, and the newest addition to their flagship line is the 2022 Ram 5500. This gargantuan truck is supposed to compete with the big boys. The main competitors are Ford, GM, Toyota. The heavy-duty category is very popular and a lot of people purchase these vehicles for their utility and for work. They need to be good at towing, hauling, and transporting.

Since they are purchased for work, most people expect them to be driven for long periods of time, to push them to their limits, and to not break down after a year or two. This means that things have to be perfect under the hood and the bodywork needs to be as solid as possible. We aren’t expecting hybrids or all-electric variants with this one, it is all about power and its ability to pull weight.

2022 Ram 5500 front view

Let us read on to see what kind of changes Ram does on their 2022 RAM 5500.

2022 Ram 5500 Interior Design

Just because it is meant to be put to work, doesn’t mean 2022 RAM 5500 can’t do that with some style. Of course, Ram invested some money and designers did a favor to the truck by improving the interior a lot. If we take a look inside we can see that this truck doesn’t lack luxury or comfort.

It is obvious that only high-quality materials were used while assembling this truck. Don’t expect to get wear and tear after a year with 2022 Ram 5500. We can see that there are options of fabric and leather inside the cabin. We don’t expect the price to be much difference between these two options. Ram designers put some quality accents all over the interior.

Trim Levels

The steering wheel isn’t made of cheap plastic. Instead, it is lined with leather and soft cushioning to ensure the best driving experience. Seats are ventilated and heated, this can immensely improve comfort and make the drive pure enjoyment. There are several different trims that determine the number of amenities in the cabin. They are called Laramie, SLT, Limited, and Tradesman.

We notice a 12-inch screen in the center of the cabin. This is big enough even for the back row of people to enjoy the fun. Ram claims we can check all the stats directly from there, even things we are wondering about a trailer we are hauling. There are also safety systems installed. They are ensuring safety for the driver, and are helping them get out of difficult situations. These systems are the industry standard and we cannot imagine a vehicle on the road without them.

Most accidents happen due to human error so artificial intelligence is trying to cut those to the minimum. There is enough storage to go around, a premium surround system, cup holders. Anything you can think of, 2022 Ram 5500 got it.

2022 Ram 5500 interior


Trucks don’t come madder and are more aggressive than the 2022 RAM 5500. This truck is all about business and the business is heavy towing and hauling. The back axle has 4 instead of the standard two wheels and this adds immensely to stability and working capability. It is a somewhat blocky body, but we don’t expect this truck to be aerodynamic or anything.

This heavy-duty truck is based on a steel frame which adds sturdiness and enables drivers to use it in more brutal ways. The front grille adds a bit of madness to it. It is high and wide. This adds air circulation to the truck and improves workflow under the hood. Better air circulation can allow drivers to push the truck to its limits without ever worrying about overheating.

Also, we expect it to be made of aluminum or some other lightweight material so they can shave off weight. Which would help a lot to the 2022 Ram 5500. Especially since it needs to perform well and have good power to weight ratio. There are also smart shutters on the grille. They can adjust themselves according to the speed, load, and engine temperature.

This is done in order to improve aerodynamics somewhat and improve engine cooling. Although the truck is all-wheel-drive, there is an option to disconnect the front axle and use a 2×4 drive. The trucks are equipped with telematics which allows fleet owners to know exactly where their trucks are and what they are doing.

new 2022 Ram 5500

2022 Ram 5500 Powertrain Specs

As far as engines go for the 2022 Ram 5500, there are two main options. We have a 6.7-liter engine from Cummings. This is a turbo-diesel I6 that can produce up to 360 horsepower with 800 pound-feet of torque. Which is more than enough for all types of work. Max towing capacity is 35.000 pounds, yup you read that right. It has an electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmission for the best shifting possible.

The other option is the 6.4 liter V8 Hemi engine. This bad boy produces 410 horsepower and spins the wheels with a power of 429 pound-feet of torque. The towing capacity is somewhat weaker, 21.540  pounds to be exact. It has eight-speed automatic transmission again for the best possible shifting on the road and off it. The truck itself can save you some money on gas. If it is idle for more than 5 minutes it turns off automatically, this saves trips to the gas pump.

2022 Ram 5500

2022 Ram 5500 Price and Release Date

Starting price for the 2022 Ram 5500 is around $40.000. This is for the basic trim and if you want more options and customization, which Ram offers, of course, the price can increase rapidly. It is made to accommodate all businesses and offers a lot of customization.

Expect the truck to hit the road at the end of the current year.

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