Another refreshment is coming, this time it is the brand new 2023 RAM 2500. The truck is competing in the heavy-duty category, and the competition itself is heavy as well. There are several top dogs that want to have the best heavy-duty truck. This includes Ford, General Motors, and RAM. GM and Ford already unveiled their own creations, and now it is time for RAM to follow suit. The current 2500 model has been around for quite some time. It has been in production since 2019, that might not seem like a long time.

However, technology is advancing at a quick pace and manufacturers have to keep up with the trends and designs. This is why we can see refreshments and remodel them very often. This is planned as a mid-cycle refresh. Which usually means no drastic and big changes. Only small tweaks and minor facelifts. Upgraded technology and some new gadgets would be an excellent idea. Also, we have to wait and see what RAM has in store for us in terms of powertrain options. Whichever is the case, let us dig deep and take a look at the review of the upcoming 2023 RAM 2500.

RAM 2500 Interior Upgrades

Interior is going to get the biggest change-up of all sections. We can expect brand new seats, they are better cushioned and have improved upholstery. You can choose different materials, take your pick from leather, suede, and fabric. Contrast stitching is definitely available, and it will improve the overall design of the cabin. Ambient lighting is something we see often in trucks nowadays and would be another good addition for RAM to take a look at. The brand new 2023 RAM 2500 will have seats that resemble racing ones and they will be heated and ventilated.

Whether that comes as a standard option remains to be seen. The instrument panel is covered with a material of your choice, probably leather, and has some chrome accents all along with it. In the middle, we see a good number of knobs and buttons which means that the new 2023 RAM 2500 isn’t too minimalistic. The central infotainment system is vertical instead of horizontal and is 14 inches in size. This allows the back row of passengers to join in on the fun. Speaking of passengers, the truck can seat 5 people comfortably. This is without sacrificing comfort, there is plenty of legroom and headroom. We are still uncertain which cab options will be available, but we suspect all of them will be full four doors versions.

There are also a great number of buttons on the steering wheel, which is quite common. This is done in order to improve the safety aspect of the truck. When everything is on the steering wheel, the driver doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road to change some settings. Drivers will always be focused and this decreases the chances of accidents. What also decreases the chances of accidents happening in the artificial intelligence software put in the 2023 RAM 2500. RAM will probably put in their own software, programs like these have pedestrian detection, collision alert, lane change alert, and similar features. All this bundled up together is a great way to keep everyone safe.

2023 RAM 2500 interior

Exterior Redesign

On the outside, we can expect bigger moves. The new 2023 RAM 2500 is a bit outdated when it comes to style and technology. Although 4 years isn’t a lot, it is a lot in car years. The truck needs to be more aggressive first of all. So the designers have to put on their thinking caps and go to work. LEss blocky build and more curves would definitely achieve this.

By giving it more curves and angles, the truck would be more modern, contemporary, aggressive, ergonomic, and aerodynamic. Aerodynamics is quite important with a truck this big. By giving it a body shape able to better cut through the wind it will improve its performance and make the fuel economy better. On the front grille, there are brand new headlights. Of course, this is LED technology and they have a modern shape, less round and thinner.

The side mirrors are also bigger and they have both manual and power applications. Also, they have heating, so you don’t have to put your arm out to wipe the fog off it. The new 2023 RAM 2500 resides on 18-inch wheels, all black alloys which are lightweight. This is of course done in order to save some weight. By doing this power to weight ratio is better and the truck can go further, faster and stronger.

2023 RAM 2500 changes

Engine Specs, Towing Capacity

Not a lot of new stuff under the hood. The new 2023 RAM 2500 will be powered by a 6.4 liter V8 HEMI engine that uses gasoline. It can produce 410 horsepower and it can save fuel by deactivating cylinders when not in full use. This feature is something brand new and will come in handy for sure. The truck got excellent ratings in towing and off-road categories.

It arrives with 8-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. But there is also an option of all-wheel drive which some drivers simply prefer. Some rumors surfaced about a 6.7 Cummins engine with 6 cylinders that is turbo diesel. It can produce 370 horsepower but a whopping 850 pound-feet of torque. Diesel will have a 6-speed automatic transmission.

More torque usually translated to better towing. So those who will use it primarily for work should keep an eye out for that version. There is also news about the 2023 RAM 2500 using Allison transmission but no official statement has been made. A hybrid version is still on the table and we know that fully electric trucks are possible. It is just a matter of whether RAM wants to do it.

2023 RAM 2500 diesel

2023 RAM 2500 Price and Release Date

We can expect to see the 2023 RAM 2500 on the road as early as next summer. Starting price should be around $35000 and it can increase rapidly based on the different trims and amenities you choose. Power wagon is a bit pricier, it should cost you around $50000.

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