Despite all the not-so-great news, RAM is still launching the 2023 RAM Dakota. There were reports and rumors that the American manufacturer threw the project in the bin. Primarily because there were indications that they wanted a new flagship and they were working on something fresh. Luckily it turned out to be simply bad news. This is great for all truck lovers since Dakota is one of the top-selling trucks to date. The truck is going to compete in the category of mid-size pickups.

This means fierce competition with Ford, GMC, and the likes. How big of a change and a remodel we might be getting? There are no official reports, but based on assumptions we would say big changes. Dakota needs some serious improvements if it is to stay ahead of its competitors. RAM also needs to upgrade the technology, gadgets, and the styling of the interior. Even though a fresh start for the Dakota was speculated, it will be a simple upgrade. So let us read along and find out what RAM has done to win our hearts and take home the crown of the best mid-size truck.

2023 RAM Dakota price

Interior Details

The freshly redone 2023 RAM Dakota will take some similarities and winning formulas from its predecessor and cousin, RAM 1500. Of course, there will still be improvements coming along. Simply copying the cabin isn’t going to do the trick. But taking a winning recipe and adding some more spice should be more than enough to amaze fans that are waiting for Dakota’s return. Starting with the upholstery would be a good idea. Giving people a choice between leather, fabric, and suede is a good idea.

Contrast stitching would increase the quality and overall design of the seats. Also, different color choices are needed. This would allow people to further customize and personalize their trucks. Heated and ventilated seats are much sought after. This adds comfort and ensures a smooth ride during the hottest and coldest of weather. This is especially useful in a pickup that is going to be used for long periods of time. Adding some alternative material accents along the cabin is also a good idea. This increases the upper-class feel and adds luxury to the interior. Something that many drivers wish for in their trucks. Central infotainment systems are a standard nowadays.

A touch screen of at least 10 inches would be enough. This would allow the back row of passengers to enjoy the fun. Also talking about seats, the truck can seat five people comfortably. Perhaps there will be more than one cab option, remains to be seen. Also, connectivity is quite standard. We get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with Bluetooth and wifi hotspot right in the cabin. It will be interesting to see if RAM will be put in any kind of driver aid system. These software solutions help drivers in dangerous situations and also can save lives.

2023 RAM Dakota interior

What About Exterior Design?

On the outside, we have more changes coming for the 2023 RAM Dakota. This is mainly due to the need to make it modern, more aggressive, and have the best ergonomics and aerodynamics possible. Most of the outside ideas will be borrowed from the Gladiator made by Jeep. Other rumors suggest copying the RAM 1500 which would also make perfect sense. Dimensions of the truck will remain mostly the same, with the possibility of making it wider a bit.

This is due to the stability aspect, also this will improve the control of the car. There will be a two-door and a four-door version of the upcoming Dakota. Styling was improved vastly by forgetting all about the blocky and square look of the truck. Now it has curves and angles which make it aerodynamic. This is much appreciated since it will improve gas mileage and fuel economy overall. The pickup resides on huge 33-inch wheels, possibly there will be a choice of different sizes. The tires look quite beefy, which means the truck is off-road ready.

Adjustable air suspension will also help off the road so hopefully, we get that as well. On the front, we have a large grille. Made of lightweight materials, same as wheel rims. This shaves off weight and makes the car’s performance much better. Especially towing and hauling capabilities are improved by this since the car has more power than it actually needs. Headlight and taillight design has remained quite the same. As long as the latest LED technology is being used we have no issue with that.

2023 RAM Dakota exterior

Engine Specs

Under the hood, things are pretty stable for the 2023 RAM Dakota. Ram has decided to not change much and go with the already proven options. We have a 3.6-liter V6 engine that can produce 285 horsepower and around 260 pound-feet of torque. This is more than enough for the 2023 RAM Dakota. The diesel variant is also possible to hit the road. The most probable candidate is the 3.0 liter V6 that powers the Jeep Gladiator. This beast produces 260 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque.

A hybrid version is rumored to be in the works, but we have no official statement. If it does happen RAM could use a similar system that Wrangler uses. Around 200 kWh battery pack should be more than enough along with a smaller motor. Combinations like these usually result with around 300 horsepower and much better fuel economy. Eight-speed automatic transmission is standard and the pickup will have all-wheel drive.

2023 RAM Dakota Price and Release Date

The brand new 2023 RAM Dakota is poised to hit the road sometime in late 2022. The date might get pushed back due to the raging pandemic. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen but don’t hold your breath. Starting price is a mere $25000 for the standard version. Of course more gadgets you get more you will have to pay for.

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