German producer, VW, will as a final point put in production its Tarok concept that was presented two years ago. Some rumors suggest that the release date of the 2023 VW Tarok could occur at the end of this year. From what is heard, the upcoming Tarok will not be expressively different from the concept model.

Although it was believed that the 2023 VW Tarok was still just a rumor, the latest leaks, alternatively, obviously pointed out the all-new Tarok pickup truck. This model was initially planned for South American dealerships. Here and now, the story is a little altered because the Tarok pickup may also make an entrance in the United States.

That is easy to believe given Volkswagen’s confidence in the Tarok pickup’s possible appeal. Everybody is very excited about pickups these days, especially about smaller pickups. The Amarok model is at this time on the market, and the Atlas Tanoak will follow in its footsteps very soon. Tarok is still in the phase of concept and nothing is official up till now.

2023 VW Tarok concept

VW Tarok Exterior Design

All of the information we have right now comes from the concept, and so the 2023 VW Tarok remains a mystery. It looks as if Volkswagen will be staying with the famous MQB platform. Consequently, Tarok will be well-appointed with an FWD system as standard. When it comes, the Tarok pickup truck will be approximately 196 inches long, just like the Tarok concept. The design seems to be promising and up-to-date.

Volkswagen merely wants to make a truck that is true to its heritage. It’s a familiar design language, and cars like the Golf and Tiguan seem similar. Tarok would certainly need to do something exclusive and novel in order to attract buyers. That contains a more aggressive design, various optional packages, and trim levels.

2023 VW Tarok price

Interior Features

The all-new 2023 VW Tarok will almost certainly keep many of the concept’s features. The current Amarok model, on the other hand, gives the impression to have a considerable effect on Tarok’s interior. As already said, this new truck will be built on the MQB platform, therefore we can expect a very smooth and quiet ride. The cabin design and arrangement will be the same as the Amarok, indicating that the Tarok will have a similar dashboard design.

Tarok will most likely come with a smaller display as standard, but then again the concept’s 9.2-inch touchscreen might be an option. Then again, Volkswagen made no reference to possible cab configurations, standard features, or trim levels.

2023 VW Tarok interior

Engine Rumors

For the moment, the performance and competence of the 2023 VW Tarok will remain an enigma. This pickup will have dissimilar engine lineups in different nations. In South America, for instance, the car would be accessible with both gasoline and diesel powertrains. The base model will be motorized by a 150-horsepower 1.4-liter gas engine.

Tarok will be obtainable as an option with a diesel engine producing about 200 horsepower and a torque of about 300 lb-ft. In the United States, Tarok will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline variant. Once more, this isn’t a formal statement, and we’re still waiting for additional facts from the German automaker.

2023 VW Tarok Release Date, Price

The idea of the Tarok Concept is to make compact and fashionable pickup trucks. The 2023 VW Tarok is precisely that and this model will most likely compete with the new Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick. We know so far that the pickup will cost approximately $25,000 or perhaps slightly below that. Though, we don’t know yet if the sales will begin later next year, as some reports suggested.

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